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Our Story

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Local Any Day team photo wearing Local Any Day T-shirts and smiling
3 Local Any Day employees holding and smiling the Local Any Day Poster with Logo.

Sharing Aloha

I like working at LocalAnyDay because I learn something new everyday. I love being able to better myself while working among the inspiring aloha-filled community.

- Alli

Working at LocalAnyDay gives me the freedom to be creative, to work with the newest technologies.

- Sang

I love working at LocalAnyDay because it feels like the work we do is impacting our friends and community in a positive way! It's also very encouraging to work with a group of driven, creative, and kind people.

- Meray

Building a Business with Aloha Spirit

I started LocalAnyDay because my family’s business went unnoticed. We are from Hawaii. My mom is a fantastic cook, my dad is a talented artist. So after saving for years, they opened the Aloha Tea Room restaurant. Once people tasted the food and enjoyed the warm welcome of the restaurant, they came back. But getting them there was the hard part. They had daily specials to attract more customers (Get a Free Hawaiian dessert with lunch!), but they were seldom seen on the small sign outside or on their Facebook page. They kept reaching the same small number of customers.

Marketing was a huge obstacle they couldn’t overcome. They didn’t have enough awareness and their restaurant closed.

We are solving that problem. Visibility is what we at LocalAnyDay are bringing businesses and restaurants across the U.S. Hundreds of people told us they want easy information about location and price. No coupons. No hassle. Fun in discovering. So that’s what we built: a search engine for local specials & everyday prices in one convenient app & website.

Our Team